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NextCloud File Sharing

Welcome to a better file sharing experience

Practically Unlimited

Add your entire workforce to NextCloud without worry about user limits or group numbers. Add new users, change permissions and issue password resets from the Admin control panel

Heavily Guarded

Secure TLS connection between the user and your server as standard with FREE optional server-side encryption. Plus, having your own server also ensures complete seperation of data from other customers

Totally Supported

With Twist you'll never be left in the dark. Our NextCloud-recognised UK-based developers will guide you through your cloud experience from initial setup to ongoing support

What is NextCloud?

NextCloud is an Open Source next generation file sharing application, designed to give any sized business a better experience with collaboration.

NextCloud allows for a greater range of customisation when setting up teams, access, and sharing options plus the added benefit of being able to install it on custom servers means we're only limited by our imagination.

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  • Unlimited Users
  • Private Cloud Server
  • Free Security Certificate
  • Free Firewall Protection
  • Expert Support
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Want something more bespoke?

We offer NextCloud storage up to 10TB with either HDD or SSD based infrastructure so if you need something more tailor-made then please call us today.

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Benefits of NextCloud

Unlimited Users

You'll have the freedom to share your cloud with as many team members as needed. Our pricing structure is based on the amount of space needed, which makes more sense

Your Own Private Server

All your files are stored on a private virtual server, completely ring-finced from everybody else. You'll have your own IP address and associated subdomain name making it totally your own

Complete Control

As a manager of your business group you'll have full control over your team's access and permissions. You can assign them to particular groups, change passwords, restrict access and have an audit trail of individual user activity

Shared Calendar

NextCloud supports additional authorised apps to run on the server including shared calendars and contact lists, helping your teams work together easily

Version History

Rollback or copy previous versions of documents with ease up to 30 days back. Never worry about changes going missing or wanting to undo mistakes, NextCloud has you covered, even if the changes were made by a different user

High Level Security

The security of your files is paramount so we implement a firewalls and a TLS encryption certificate to each server as standard, plus there's FREE 256 bit server-side encryption and two-factor authentication available upon request

Expert Support

As with everything else we offer, you'll receive expert support from a high level developer from concept and deployment to many years down the road. If you need any advice we're here to help, or if you need something actioning immediately we can jump in to assist.